About Consolidated Performance Consulting

Our Mission

CPC's mission is to facilitate the improved performance of students, employees, and employers, in the areas of writing and program operation. CPC is comprised of two service areas: the editorial service and the program evaluation service. As part of its service responsibilities, CPC develops and conducts customized writing workshops, edits papers, and conducts data analysis and program feasibility or impact evaluations that enable business leaders to make evidence-based decisions. Through one-on-one training, group workshops, or a program evaluation, CPC’s vision is for our clients to experience improvement in their professional and personal performance.

About Dr. Charita Ray-Blakely

CPC owner, Charita Ray-Blakely, Ph.D., is a coach, teacher, author, and speaker bringing professionalism, integrity, hard work, and several years of experience in the editing and writing processes to clients, to create high performing individuals and organizations. She possesses experience not only in professional writing and editing but in higher education administration, and program management and evaluation. She has helped students become more confident in their writing and has partnered with businesses to evaluate programs and polish their written communication, to promote professionalism and industry expertise. Dr. Ray-Blakely desires and enjoys being instrumental in the success of others.