"Dr. Blakely, you were instrumental in helping me write scholarly for the DNP program at UIW. I am forever grateful for all of the editing and suggestions made on my research project documents. I hope you continue to help other students succeed in their coursework. I witnessed your talent and your patience as you combed meticulously through my documents. I found comfort knowing that I had a writing expert who cared for me as a person and had a genuine goal to support my student success. Thank you for helping me reach my career goal." –Esmeralda Rivera, DNP

Consolidated Performance Consulting - Testimonials - Editing Service
Consolidated Performance Consulting - Testimonials - Professional Writing Service

"Several times when our internal editorial team was backed up and I needed a document reviewed, Consolidated Performance Consulting was always there. Utilizing their Editing and Professional Writing Services, Consolidated Performance Consulting produced exceptional work. Particularly, Dr. Blakely did a great job of editing and revising my work without losing the meaning and tone I wanted to convey. Thank you Consolidated Performance Consulting for timely, professional work!" – Helen Darling, M.Ed. Reading Plus Community & Partnership Manager

“Dr. Blakely did a great job presenting an overview of email etiquette and standards to our team.

She engaged our group in the presentation reinforcing their learning of the material.

She was very professional, cheerful and easy to work with planning the event – even tailoring her presentation to our specific industry.” – Sabrina Drewry, Drewry Martin Architects

Consolidated Performance Consulting - Testimonials - Writing Workshop Service

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