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Consolidated Performance Consulting, LLC. (CPC) is a business and academic performance refinement company located in San Antonio, Texas. CPC offers an array of writing, editing, and evaluation services to a variety of business industries and students. Utilizing professional coaching techniques, we are here to assist you, the executive or student, with communicating professionally through writing. For improved organizational performance, we also offer program evaluation services. CPC wants to serve as your executive writing coach, editor, and/or evaluation specialist, is committed to your success, and would be honored to assist you and/or your organization!

Learn Tools and Techniques to Improve Your Writing Skills (to make you a better writer)

Produce Grammatically Correct, Concise, and Professionally Formatted Documents

Produce Professional Documents (e.g. Personal Statements, Cover Letters, Applications, and many more documents.)

Program Impact Measurement, and Clarification of Program Performance Goals and Data Collection Procedures

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